Why ICS?

The Illawarra Christian School is founded on the Christian perspective with which we approach all of our educational efforts; we seek to honour God in every aspect of school life. While we rejoice in the achievements of so many of our students, our greatest desire is to see them grow in their understanding of God and their personal relationships with him.

At Illawarra Christian School, we have an educational heritage of over thirty years, nurturing students to reach their God-given potential and open up options for their future ministries, study and employment. As a school we value the partnership with you as the parents in the education of your child. We welcome the active involvement of parents in the life of the school and see the school as an extension for the Christian home.

We are committed to providing qualified, dedicated and experienced staff who will seek to bring out the best in every student. All staff are committed Christians, actively involved in the life of their local church.

As a school we adopt a “firm, fair and friendly” approach to discipline, partnering with parents as we seek to nurture and disciple students. Peer support programs enable students to form lasting friendships and enhance their day to day experience at school.

Our students enjoy smaller Senior classes where more individual attention can be given. A wide range of subject electives in both junior and senior secondary provide opportunities to develop the talents and skills of all students. We have an outstanding track record of academic excellence in providing a Christian school curriculum, catering for students with a range of ability levels.

We appreciate you considering our school for your child. We would be delighted to be able to work with you over the coming years to ensure that our students reach their full potential, academically, creatively, physically and spiritually.

I commend Illawarra Christian School to you as an excellent centre for Christian education and I trust that you find the accompanying material interesting and helpful as you consider the future education of your children.

Tony Horsley - Executive Principal